Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Corner House on Health

Who Owns the Knowledge Economy? Political Organising Behind TRIPS

by Peter Drahos with John Braithwaite

When TRIPS was signed in 1994, the United States, Europe and Japan dominated the world's software, pharmaceutical, chemical and entertainment industries. The rest of the world had little to gain by agreeing to these terms of trade for intellectual property. They did so because a failure of democratic processes nationally and internationally enabled a small group of men within the United States to capture the US trade-agenda-setting process, to draft intellectual property principles that became the blueprint for TRIPS and to crush resistance through US trade power.

A Decade After Cairo Women's Health in a Free Market Economy

by Sumati Nair and Preeti Kirbat with Sarah Sexton

This briefing evaluates the 1994 UN International Conference on Population and Development. It assesses several processes that affect women's reproductive and sexual rights and health: the decline and collapse in health services; neo-liberal economic policies and religious fundamentalisms; and development policies underpinned by neo-Malthusianism.

GATS, Privatisation and Health

by Sarah Sexton

The World Trade Organisation's General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) could have a significant effect on human health, and health care services.

Trading Health Care Away? GATS, Public Services and Privatisation

by Sarah Sexton

If Cloning is the Answer, What was the Question? Power and Decision-Making in the Geneticisation of Health

by Sarah Sexton

Most discussions about human embryo cloning focus on ethics and potential health benefits. In the process, the many social, economic and environmental aspects of health and disease are increasingly hidden, while issues such as how the potential benefits of biotech would be obtained and distributed are sidelined. It has therefore become hard to raise key questions about the increased geneticisation of our lives and societies.

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