Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Major Initiatives Undertaken by the DGFASLI during the XIth 5 year plan

DGFASLI is operating following two plan schemes under the XIth 5 year plan:
1.     Establishment of New Regional Labour Institute at Faridabad
2.  Strengthening of DGFASLI Organisation and Occupational Safety & Health in Factories, Ports and Docks.
One more plan scheme with the following title has been proposed DGFASLI which is under consideration with planning commission for approval:
        Identification & Elimination of Silicosis in India
The objectives and the initiatives being pursue under each of the schemes are presented below scheme wise:

1.  To cater to the Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) needs of the factories in North Western States of India (i.e. Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, National Capital Delhi & UT Chandigarh) effectively as a Centre of Excellence in OSH.
2.   To liaison with the Chief Inspectors of Factories of the North Western States of India for effective implementation of the statutes.
3.   To liaison with the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India, on behalf of the DGFASLI on urgent matters related to policy planning and administration.
Initiatives :

1.      Establishment of infrastructure, human resources and procedures for initializing the technical
        activities such as:
          a.      Consultancy, Research and Training in the field of:
  •  Industrial Safety
  • Industrial Hygiene
  • Industrial Medicine
  • Workplace Environment Engineering
  • Industrial Physiology & Ergonomics
b.      Personal Protective Equipment Testing
c.      Industrial Safety, Health and Welfare Centre (Exhibition)
d.      Mobile Safety Exhibition Van
2.      Establishment of liaison with the Chief Inspectors of Factories of North Western States.
3.      Initializing the educational/vocational programmes on:
       a.      One year - Post Diploma in Industrial Safety.
       b.      Two weeks - Refresher course on Occupational Health for Medical Officers.
 c.      Six weeks - certificate course on Industrial Hygiene
 d.      Others - as per the arising training needs.
4.      Initializing the package programme on, 'Higher Productivity and Better Place at Work' for
   Small Scale Industries.
5.      Initializing the technical advice services on risk assessment for safe site selection, risk
   reduction and emergency preparedness in process plants and MAH installations.
6.      Initializing research studies, technical guidance, specialized training programmes in the
   field of 'Psychological well-being of industrial workers'
7.      To establish a link between the Ministry of Labour & Employment, Government of India,
   and DGFASLI on urgent matters related to policy planning and administration.  



To strengthen the infrastructure facilities at DGFASLI, CLI and RLIs for improving occupational safety and health in factories, ports and docks thereby contributing in prevention of occupational injuries and diseases. 

1.   1.      Development of occupational safety and health national inventory and connectivity between
       State Factory Inspectorate and DGFASLI.
2.      2.  Creation of occupational safety and health information action resource centers at five labour    
3.      3.   Dissemination of OSH information through electronic media.
4.   Dissemination of information through conventional media through newsletter and technical
       reports, safety cards etc.
5    5.    Creation of databases on handling of  containers and dangerous goods, hazardous
       installations, inland container depots, minor and intermediate ports, competent persons,
       panel of doctors in ports etc.
6.      6.   Promotion of E- Governance.

7.   To amend the Statute and Regulations connected with dock work.
8.   To establish enforcement and advisory system in the Inland Container Depots and ship
       breaking units in the country.  
9.      9.    Establishment of an accreditation system for experts and facilities in the field of Occupational
       Safety & Health
10. 10.  Formulation of policies and programmes for improving productivity in industries, ports, mines,
        construction and unorganized sectors in consistence with Occupational Safety & Health.
11. 11.  Development and adopting of comprehensive OSH standards for industries, ports, mines,
       construction and unorganized sectors.
12.12.   Up gradation of different laboratories of CLI & RLIs by acquisition of high precision and
        state-of -the art instruments and equipments to act as National Referral Laboratories on
        occupational safety and health.
13. 13.  Monitoring of Occupational Safety, Health and Work environment in factories, ports and
14. 14.  Strengthening of enforcing systems in the major ports
15. 15.   Enhancement of technical capabilities of officers of DGFASLI & State Factory Inspectorates.
16. 16.   Creating awareness on occupational safety and health in various sectors of the economy
         through training.  
       To assess the prevalence of Silicosis in India.
       To Create and update a data base.
       To suggest appropriate preventive and control measures.
       To generate awareness.
         Rehabilitation of the afflicted workers when incapacitated.
              1.      Identification of the cases of silicosis among the workmen with the help of ESI, Medical
       College of the State & Inspectorate.
       2.      Creation of Database on Silicosis.
       3.      Conduct of training programmes on Silicosis & ILO Radiographs on Pneumoconiosis for
        ESIS/IMA Doctors/Factory Medical Officers/Certifying Surgeons/Medical Inspectors of
        Factories/Govt. Hospital doctors etc. is proposed to create awareness
       4.      Conduct of training programmes on Silicosis for Nurses/ Medical Assistants.