Monday, February 11, 2008

Electronic journal for medical colleges

Union Health Secretary Naresh Dayal launched the ERMED portal

The National Medical Library has started an electronic journal consortium, “Electronic Resources in Medicine” (ERMED), for providing full-text electronic journal service to 39 medical colleges and institutions across the country. These include ten Directorate-General of Health Services libraries and 28 Indian Council of Medical Research libraries and the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences library.

Union Health Secretary Naresh Dayal launched the ERMED portal According to a release issued by the National Medical Library, the facility offers over a million articles in the open-access mode from over 1,515 medical journals. Articles can be searched by using the choice of journals, publishers, subjects and keywords of database.

“The library has adopted the most cost-effective strategy to put together the project that is aimed at building up a sustainable health information base and is committed to dissemination of a free flow of information,” said an official release.

The Director-General of Health Services is financing the entire project for 39 libraries. “The National Medical Library is the one-stop resource-sharing centre for medical literature across the country,” said National Medical Library director Anjana Chattopadhyay.

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